Vertical gardens

We offer various types of vertical garden and installation. We offer works in bamboo, metal, plastic or as concrete work. It is also possible to combine different building materials. The price depends on the duration of the work but also on construction material. Please send your proposal and together we will find the best solution for

Online support

We share the same love for nature and have healthy eating / drinking, so we do not want to leave you alone with problems and offer online support for all your questions and support for free. Please understand that we cannot always answer immediately so please be patient.


We offer various half-day and full-day courses in my home or for larger groups in hotels or restaurants or even with Balinese farmers in village. During day trips, we visit farmers and accompany dues at work in the fields and help with the harvest. All products can also be bought very cheaply and the money


We offer  various plants for sale and also repot in larger pots or garden. In sick plants we offered help, cut out branches or eliminated parasites and disease. The price depends on the time and type of work. Please let our experts come by and discuss the situation and treatment.