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Sea grapes /green caviar

They slightly taste like seaweed and have a consistency like real caviar, a crisp freshness kick when eating the natural sea grapes is guaranteed.World vegetarian and vegans, look out for them mean discovere and eat them!The green caviar is salty and crunchy and can be eaten on its own as a snack, after a quick rinse and soak in cold water. Alternatively, green caviar can be added to salads, or served with cheese.
Caviar is known to be a SUPERFOOD and offers a vast list of vitamins, minerals and healthy fats, making it a true superfood.

It has been called a “natural Viagra” by some doctors, and it doesn’t have any troubling side effects. While there are many health benefits of green caviar, you should eat it in moderation like anything else.
In the Japanese region of Okinawa, it’s common for locals to incorporate generous amounts of sea grape caviar into their diets, which some believe contributes to Okinawa residents’ impressively long lifespans.

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