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About us

We are a small group of farmers  who are focused on traditional farming but with new, exotic plants. We  treat everything we produce as naturally as possible and use organic pesticide and fertilizer and our animals are free-running during the day. Balinese  farmers have no support from the government and have the lowest status in the comunity  but most difficult work. That’s why many have sold their rice fields and have no more income and are looking for jobs in tourism. Farmers should  earn so much with their work that they can afford the normal life. They should have a better reputation and their work should be honored right away than any other profession. Our future dream is to provide Bali with healthy food, exotic fruits, vegetables and all kinds of spices and herbs.

We also offer different services outside organic farming as a group of self-employed entrepreneurs and nature lovers.

Please have a look at our offers and we hope to welcome you soon as a new customer

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