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Organic farm excursion

We offer excursion and fun for whole family and also school classes to  Balinese farmers in village.

Our visitors have possibility to see animals and also pet and feed them . We explain the difference between free range and food factory`s .
You get soft drink und helthy lunch in preis inkluded und you can make shopping in the warung .

During day trips, we visit farmers and accompany dues at work in the fields and help with the harvest. All products can also be bought very cheaply and the money goes directly to the farmers.

Excursion  duration is  3 hours
Price is 100 000 per person.

We can also arrange transport from hotel and back if wanted . Please just send us info so we can calculate transport price .


 Milk Kefir,Water Kefir  and Kombucha course 

Cooking course in kefir and kombucha, first and  second ferment. We also shows how to make healthy kombucha vinegar and  use the garden herbs and fruits for better taste. Of course everything can be tested and starter cultures can be purchased.

Course duration 2.5 hours
Price is 150 000 per person

Location at Sanur ,Jl.Hang Tuah ,gg Mawar 1 /house No. 18M

Minimom 2 course participants!


Treatment and use of fresh herbs from your garden 

Course Goal is to teach how to treat potted plants and what to do with cut plant parts in the kitchen. Of course everything can be tested and you can buy the finished product at a special price.

– Freeing dead parts
– Cutting for cuttings
– Infusion of olive oil and kombucha vinegar
– Spread cheese with herbs 
– Kefir drink or dressing
– Dry for cooking

Course duration 1.5 hours
Price is 150 000 per person

Location at Sanur ,Jl.Hang Tuah ,gg Mawar 1 /house No. 18M

Minimom 2 course participants!



Garden courses for beginners

This course is aimed at children and adults who want to learn how to repot, plant and propagate from seeds and cuttings.

– Simple way to do air layer propagation.
– Pruning  the branches and roots, prepare seeds for planting and a few tips for more success with seedlings.
– Plant care and manufacture of non-toxic bee-friendly pesticides.
– Use of rooting powder and aloe vera for more success in plant rooting.
– Simple mini green house for cutting easy and cheap handmade. .
– You have to try out all the steps yourself and ask your questions in between.
– Visiting stingless, child-friendly Trigona mini bees.
– Each student was allowed to take home the cuttings they had planted.

Water kefir and kombucha offered free to drink during the course!

Course duration 3 hours
The price is 250,000 per person

Location in Sanur, Jl.Hang Tuah, gg Mawar 1 / house no. 18M or at another location possible.


Minimem 2 course participants!

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